The End of the Land

About the Film

The End of the Land is an ecopoetic evocation of the role of water in the Pacific Northwest. In this short film I wanted to explore the experience of standing upon a border between two fundamentally different environments that one experiences at the shore of the ocean (the "end of the land"). This unique quality of borderland or transitional experiences is known as "liminality." From the idea of exploring the shorline experience, I continued to explore the liminal quality of the transitions different environments in the Pacific Northwest and the role that water plays in connecting those environments. Although The End of the Land was not created as part of any official coursework, it was heavily influenced by my studies of ecology and ecopoetry at The Evergreen State College. Although The End of the Land was originally conceived and shot between 2009 and 2013, it remained unfinished and unreleased for many years. It was not until I was reintroduced to the idea of ecopoetics at Pacifica Graduate institute in 2018 that I decided to revisit this project and complete it for release as I had originally intended.

The End of the Land was shot on location in numerous locations throughout Washington, Oregon, and Northern California; in a combination of HD & SD video.

About the Director

Jeremy Sarka always wanted to tell stories. He studied film in college and produced a well-regarded autobiographical short film. However, after college he opted for a safer career course in the technology industry. Now he has returned to film to recover his love of storytelling.


2013/2019, HD & SD Video, Color, 8 min.