Reflections, Parts I & II

About the Film

The Reflections films were created as "quality of light" exercises (focusing on the properties of natural and artificial light respectively) in the Mediaworks program in 2008, however, they are also examples of symbolic storytelling inspired by avant-garde cinema. Reflections, Part I explores perspective and encourages viewers to consider how reflection and reproduction, along with context (or lack thereof) can distort (or inform) the images we perceive. Reflections, Part II explores the abstract connotations of objects, highlighted through the use of highly stylized lighting effects that strip the objects of their everyday significance and prompt the view to ponder their symbolic meanings. Both Reflections films were shot on 16mm black and white film.

Reflections, Parts I & II was created as part of director Jeremy Sarka's coursework in the Mediaworks in Context program at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

About the Director

Jeremy Sarka always wanted to tell stories. He studied film in college and produced a well-regarded autobiographical short film. However, after college he opted for a safer career course in the technology industry. Now he has returned to film to recover his love of storytelling.


2008, 16mm Film / SD Video Transfer, B&W, Silent, 5 min