The Artist

About the Film

The Artist is an imaginal short film about a creative person coming to terms with their unconscious conception of what it means to be an artist.

The Artist was created as part of director Jeremy Sarka's coursework in the Engaged Humanities and Creative Life program at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.

About the Director

Jeremy Sarka always wanted to tell stories. He studied film in college and produced a well-regarded autobiographical short film. However, after college he opted for a safer career course in the technology industry. Now he has returned to film to recover his love of storytelling.


2017, HD Video, Color, 21 min


the Artist:Nino Wes Browne
the Shadow/the Child:Johnathan Chavez
the Anima:Dawn Alexander
the Animus:Shaun Grant
the Hedonist:Summer Sinclair
the Great Mother:Christine Martin
the Hero:Garrett Lee
the Wise Man:Shahar Hillel